As part of our long-running short films initiative, we pitched the question to our team "Can you visualise the frustrations of the creative process?" So we organised some brainstorming sessions on the problems with brainstorming sessions, had committee meetings on the pains of design by committee, and bounced ideas around about how we bounce ideas around. Embracing a minimal design language to focus on the characterisation, we created a short film which is a montage of relatable scenarios for the creative professional.

Big thanks to Box of Toys Audio for the music and audio


Directors: Grant Berry, Ben Steer

Animators: Ben Steer, Dane Winn, Mark Spokes

Lighting and Compositing: Yolande Clerke

Modelling / Lead Sculpt artist: Jacopo Piccini

Rigging: Leo Blackmur, Vasil Shotarov, Matt Jenkins, Ana Maria Savastre

Look Development: Herman Rodriguez

Design: Joe Kinch, Grant Berry

Audio Design: Box Of Toys

: Tom Box, Damian Hook

Producers: Lizzie Hicks, Candice Lombard

Animators: Ben Steer, Dane Winn, Mark Spokes

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Executive Producer
Nicky Flemming
Head of Short Form & Advertising
Damian Hook