Top Agents on Ice sees our team of super-sleuths have their well-deserved holiday cut short by the surprise appearance of the mysterious Professor Chill. As the team follow his trail to the North Pole, the Agents uncover the Professor’s nefarious plan… to freeze the entire world! Will the agents be able to stop him on time?

After creating a mini-series that saw the Playmobil Top Agents team take on the dastardly Captain Fisheye, Playmobil challenged Blue Zoo to create a whole new adventure - this time set in the North Pole!

Working with a screenplay devised by the writing duo Black Sheep, we oversaw all aspects of the production while working closely with Playmobil at every stage. 

The requested setting called for many different types of snow effects which meant coming up with bespoke solutions on a shot-by-shot basis. While many of the shots required tracks to be left in the snow by feet or wheels, other shots required explosions of snowflakes or water freezing. 

This challenge was tricky but we are incredibly proud of the outcome and hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it.

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