Digby Dragon

BAFTA-nominated Digby Dragon is a pre-school favourite following the adventures of Digby and his best friends Grumpy Goblin, Fizzy the fairy and Chips the squirrel.

Digby Dragon is a property owned by Blue Zoo, adapted from the illustrations of Sally Hunter. Originally commissioned by Nick Jr UK, we were tasked with ageing up the concept from toddler to upper preschool. We worked with writers to bring the world of Applecross to life and develop the original look of the show. We  created a full in-house production team spearheaded by Adam Shaw and Chris Drew to produce 78 funny and heart-warming episodes of Digby Dragon.

The show employs a tactile style to achieve an endearing feel normally reserved for stop motion. One of the challenges was conceiving such a rich, diverse world for Digby and his friends. We created lots of detailed sets, including lush forests with heavy set dress. Our modelling and texturing department went to new lengths to accomplish the tangible detail to each and every model in the set.

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