We've created 7 beautiful animated episodes of "Mac & Izzy" for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / WGBH for the Curious World app and YouTube channel. Mac and Izzy follows the fantastical adventures of two imaginary friends, who ‘imagine, plan and create’ ways to help children play through real-world challenges they experience in everyday life. We were asked to bring the imaginary world of Mac and Izzy to reality. Working closely with WGBH, we helped develop the look and tone of the show and pushed the animation style to reflect the spontaneous nature of the show.   

Each story focused on ‘creative problem solving’ as part of the curriculum for the show, so we were tasked with making an inventive and engaging way to reflect that process in the stories. One of the biggest challenges was realising the setting of ‘Cloudville’, a town built entirely out of clouds. Lead by Art Director Adam Willis, "the team designed a world that looked both imaginary and believable, balancing a confined setting to feel limitless."

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Executive Producer
Nicky Flemming
Head of Short Form & Advertising
Damian Hook

Mac and Izzy