BAFTA-winning Numberblocks is the hit TV series that follows the adventures of ten unique counting block characters who like to play games, sing songs, make patterns and go on adventures in Numberland. Numberblocks engages children with songs and silliness, whilst helping them understand numbers by visually making sense of how they work. When one character jumps on top of another, they ‘add up’ to make a new character and new number.

This was the first show to teach children how numbers work. You can always see the value of every character and how they relate to each other. Every story has a maths concept tightly woven into it and the characters' personalities are drawn from what makes their number unique.

A particular challenge was character rigs that had to be able to transform into any block formation we needed and still allow room for the animators to add performance.

Series 5 of Numberblocks is coming soon!

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