“I found the Blue Zoo internship to be an invaluable experience. I was very nervous to start but everyone here was so welcoming and friendly and made me feel like part of the team.”

As of today, summer internship applications are officially open for 2020! There’s never been a better time to experience our fast-paced studio environment. We have 8 placements on offer across both 3D and 2D, including 2D Storyboard, Modelling, Look Dev / Lighting & Comp, 2D Background Artist, Visual Development Artist, 2D Animator, 3D Maya Animator, and 3D Rigger.

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Blue Zoo is committed to offering new entrants opportunities to learn. These internships are designed to give budding artists realistic, hands-on experience working in roles they are keen to pursue as a career and are ideal for people who have no professional experience but some entry-level knowledge in their preferred area. Working in our London office, you’ll be paid the London living wage and working 6 - 8 weeks in July and August. You will work directly with professionals in your selected field and will have the opportunity to learn about the Blue Zoo pipeline. 

Whilst in the past we have mostly sought university students, this year we want to actively encourage any skilled artist aged 16 or above. In your application, let your work speak for itself. As long as you have no animation industry experience, we would love to receive your application!

But don’t just take it from us! To give you an idea of what it’s like to be an intern at Blue Zoo here’s some Zoo’ers who started as interns and ended up sticking around...

“I found the Blue Zoo internship to be an invaluable experience. I was very nervous to start but everyone here was so welcoming and friendly and made me feel like part of the team. My leads really encouraged me to push my animations and were always on hand if I needed any help. I got to experience a professional pipeline as well as learn software skills I wasn’t sure I would be able to pick up resulting in work that I am very proud to say I was a part of. I enjoyed every day of my internship, and to top it off I was hired afterwards as a Junior Animator!” - Olivia, 2019 2D Animator Intern

“My internship at Blue Zoo definitely helped me understand how the industry worked and what was expected of you as a Story Artist in the industry. Seeing how my role fits into the pipeline for production was interesting as all the projects I'd worked on previously had been mostly me working as many departments as I can. Above anything, my internship taught me to be confident with the choices I was making and the drawings I did, trying as many possibilities as I could and not being too precious with anything.” - Chloe, 2018 Storyboard Intern

"I gained a valuable insight into life at Blue Zoo, it felt like I was already working there despite interning for only six weeks. I started my final year of uni with industry experience and a higher level of understanding and ability. I got to be involved with all sorts of projects during my internship, from live productions to shorts, all of which were released and could go in my reel by the time I graduated. I learned about the importance of the foundational understanding of animation, not just in theory but through time spent on live projects with constant feedback and improvement" - Marcus, 2017 3D Animator intern

Who is eligible? Intern details at a glance…

  • Must be eligible to work in the EU
  • 16 years old or over
  • Never been employed in the animation industry
  • You will earn £405 per week (London living wage)
  • Deadline for submission is 8th May 2020
  • Applicants will be notified by Friday 29th May if they are successful

For more information about careers at Blue Zoo, have a look at our Frequently Asked Careers Questions page on our website. If you’d like to hear more from last year’s interns, check out this video! Best of luck on your applications, we look forward to receiving them.