Here are some of the commonly asked questions we get for people looking for career advice, or applying for jobs at Blue Zoo...

Can I work remotely?

Yes, you can. If remote working is your preference please state that on your job application.

What should I put in my showreel?

Keep it simple, and keep it professional. Always put showreels or any video formats on Vimeo. It’s a much more professional platform than Youtube, and we don’t get distracted from your reel by adverts for cat memes. 

We prefer showreels no longer than 1min30s in length, however Rigging or FX showreels are fine to be around 2min30s.

How should I present my portfolio?

For portfolios, a simple website is best. Let the artwork speak for itself. White background, black text, large images - simple! Also, categorizing your work into tabs such as: Environments, Characters, Props, Professional work and Personal work, is a bonus! It allows us to focus on the exact part of your portfolio that is relevant, whilst also have the support demonstrating your other skills.

What should I include in my cover letter?

For your cover letter, it doesn’t have to be super long, but keep it enthusiastic, honest and positive! Try to cover these things:

Why are you applying to this studio/role? 

What skills have you developed that make you right for this role?

What experience has made you ready for this role?

What about this studio do you like/are interested in?

Do you accept VISA and Non-EU Applicants?

Blue Zoo are a Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship studio. We do accept VISA applicants, and encourage talented artists from all around the world to apply to us! 

I want to pitch an idea! Who do I speak to?

We currently only produce pitches from in-house employees or writers with existing funding resource. We are unable to finance pitches on their own, so we advise speaking with Broadcasters to pitch your idea first.

Where can I send my portfolio for freelance work consideration?

If you’re interested in short-term freelance work at our studio, the best way to get hired by us is to let us know who you are and that you’re looking for work! 

If you send your portfolio through to, your availability and your CV/LinkedIn, and it fits with a either a current or future role we need on one of our projects, then we’ll get in touch with you!

Does Blue Zoo offer work experience?

We currently do not offer work experience in the studio, however we are looking into developing a program for the near future. Watch this space!

Does Blue Zoo offer internships?

Blue Zoo has been running a successful internship program for a number of years. We announce these internships after Easter across our social media, and applications can be found on our jobsite. Applications are open until the end of May. The internships last between 6-8 weeks, and include time spent on live productions, as well as a personal portfolio piece.

What’s the best way to get a job in the animation industry?

Networking at festivals and events are the best way to be exposed to professional artists and recruiters. Making contacts, asking for advice, and getting to know who and what jobs are out there are really important steps to getting your first job in Animation. When applying, being able to say you’ve spoken to someone from that studio (or the person will read your application!) is a definite bonus.

I’m nervous about networking, how do I start a conversation?


  1. Decide who you want to talk to. 
  2. Think of 3 questions you will have ready in your arsenal to ask (e.g. What studio do you work at, what project are you working on (if you can say), or have you been to this event/festival before?)
  4. Go up, say hello, and introduce yourself. (And don’t forget to ask them who they are!)