We teamed up with Oculus and Facebook Reality Labs to create The Beast, a VR short for the Oculus Quest and Rift.

The first Blue Zoo film created entirely in Quill VR. A story inspired by the saying “mind over matter”. It’s about trying to overcome your demons, and adventurers trying to conquer their dreams.

The Beast is about the battle of the wills.  We see our hero character (a cyclist) take on the Beast (a mountain).

The Beast climb is not only severe but also mysterious. Cyclists talk of how the mist engulfs them and comes alive.


Blue Zoo

Original Idea
Grant Berry

Directed By
Grant Berry
Dane Winn

Dane Winn

Creative Director
Damian Hook

Belinda Isaacs & Lizzie Hicks

Art Direction
Grant Berry

Lead Quill Artist
Michal Firkowski

Quill Artist
Dan Cripps


Ryan Genji Thomes

Exec Producers
Goro Fujita
Yelena Rachitsky
Colum Slevin

Quill Lead Software Engineer
Sebastien Chevrel

Quill Product Manager

Lilli Thompson
Quill Engineering Manager
Sarah McGee

Quill Software Engineers
Pierre LaFayette
Susie Su
Forrest Sun
Benji Weber

Quill Front End Engineer
Harley Mellifont

Quill Technical Artist
Angela Lua

Quill Product Designer

Matt Schaefer

Quill Product Marketing Manager
Naoimi Cornman

Audio Director
Paul Gorman

Sound Created by

Facebook Sound + Design | Immersive

Sound Designers
Paul Gorman
J. White

Audio Producer
Andy Mesecher

Special Thanks
Anres Carillo
Eliza Kern
Shelly McGee

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Executive Producer
Nicky Flemming
Head of Short Form & Advertising
Damian Hook