We always love working with the team at Playmobil, and this collaboration to promote their partnership with Star Trek was no exception. The opportunity to write original scripts gave us the chance to inject ideas whilst animating characters from this classic brand.

Playmobil approached us to make three animated spots to market the latest product in their Star Trek line, the Klingon ship - Bird of Prey.
One of the great creative challenges in this project, was creating content that could be used across multiple languages. To help address this we we pitched recording all the audio in the universal language of Klingon. Playmobil loved this idea and after a few conversations with the Klingon Language Institute and a couple of voice records we had our Klingon audio, ready for animation.
We wrote original scripts, storyboarded all the content whilst also designing a series of environments to support the stories.
As always it was an absolute joy to work with the fabulous team at Playmobil to create these pieces.

In our pitch we set ourselves the challenge of working in Klingon to make the films more universal. This meant we needed to carefully storyboard acting that could be easily read and not reliant on the dialogue.

We had to base stories around the Bird of Prey set, but with a limited amount of sets we worked on creating interiors that fit with the design language of the toys.

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