“Peace of Mind” A VR experience of one man’s dream...interpreted by another, entirely hand-animated in Quill. 

We worked with the fantastic team at Facebook to create this humorous animated short, You’ll witness a live Dreamscaping session where one of the qualified Dreamscape Technicians helps Mr. Burridge resolve the riddle of his recurring nightmare.

To watch the film in full: http://ocul.us/2O45UD2


Blue Zoo Animation Studio

Directed By

Ben Steer


Belinda Isaacs & Chantal Baldwin

Written by

Ben Steer

Art Direction

Ben Steer

Creative Director

Damian Hook

Character Design 

Joe Kinch

Environment Design

Grant Berry

Joe Kinch

Lead Quill Artist

Michal Firkowski

Quill Assets

Michal Firkowski & Léa Peranio

Michal Firkowski & Dan Cripps

Sound Editing
Sam Potter & Ben Steer

Realtime Support

Phil Stewart


Mr Burrridge

Adrian Wheeler


Max Williams

Additional voices
Alison Garner
Mark Hayden
Roisin Keogh
Jonathan Pembroke

Recorded By 




Ryan Genji Thomas

Executive Producers

Goro Fujita
Yelena Rachitsky
Colum Slevin

Quill Lead Software Engineer
Sebastien Chevrer

Quill Engineering Manager
Sarah McGee

Quill Software Engineer
Pierre LaFayette

Quill Software Engineer

Susie Su

Quill Software Engineer

Forrest Sun

Quill Product Designer

Matt Schaefer

Quill Product Marketing Manager
Naomi Cornman

Music by

Paul Gorman

Audio Director
Paul Gorman

Sound created by

Facebook Sound+Design | Immersive

Sound Designers
Paul Gorman
Kent Jolly

Music Supervision courtesy of Facebook Music Initiative

Jarrod Fullilove
Rebeca Navarro

Casting Director

Khris Brown

Audio Producer

Andy Mesecher

Special Thanks

Andres Carrillo
Eliza Kern
Shelly McGee

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Executive Producer
Nicky Flemming
Head of Short Form & Advertising
Damian Hook