Our Winternship 2021/2022 programme is officially open for applications!

To help you with your application, we’ve compiled some advice from key members of staff, as well as some of our most frequently asked questions. To give you the best advice possible, we’ve spoken to team members who interviewed the Summer 2021 interns.

What were some qualities you looked for in general, as a culture fit to the studio?

‘I mainly look for whether applicants have a passion for animation, a good attitude towards teamwork and collaboration, and whether you show enthusiasm and drive.’

‘In the interview, just being relaxed (never easy!), showing passion but also demonstrating you understand the choices you made in your work. Because you will get asked! Blue Zoo is full of creative and unique individuals who work as a team, push the boundary and love to learn. Making sure we found people who have the same values was really important.’

‘We really like to see proactiveness and have people who think outside the box. If you’re well-mannered and respectful, enjoy working with others, and are determined, you’ll be a great fit.

What would you like to see people include on their reels?

Check out our TikTok page to find out BZ Animation Director Will Lloyd-Cook’s must-have shots for any animation showreel

‘Show what you are able to do, don’t add in material for the wrong reasons (like you think it’s cool, or for the sake of having more content). Less is more, and it’s a matter of quality over quantity with showreel shots. Make sure to include your best shot as the opening on the reel to grab the recruiter’s attention.’

‘I was mostly looking for people who brought something a bit extra or different on their reels. People who were clearly enthusiastic and passionate really shone through. If you show a shot that's unique it really shows a lot about your character and who you are as an artist.’

What is the best way to prepare for an internship interview?

‘If you made it to interview then your work has already caught someone's eye and they’re going to want to know more about it. Some projects on your reel might be quite old so refresh yourself of the process you used to make them and any of the challenges you faced with them and how you overcame them.

As our internships are for people with no industry experience, all we have to go on is your reel, so make sure you know it inside out.’

‘Make sure to show your potential and have a great attitude - we’re looking for people who are positive and enthusiastic about their work. Be prepared too; have your cv and reel in front of you during the interview in case you’re asked about something or want to showcase something.’

‘Know the company! I can't stress this enough - know the shows they've done and a bit about it's history. Also, make sure you know your own work because it's very likely the interviewer will go through your reel and ask you to talk through things (who did what, why you chose to do certain things, work flows, how you approach shots etc).’

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How long is the internship and when does it start?

The internships will last from 2-4 weeks, with start dates staggered throughout January and February 2022.

Is the internship paid?

Yes, interns are paid the London Living Wage of £405 a week.

Can I take part in the internship remotely?

Yes, the internship can be completed remotely, though overseas applicants will need to be able to commit to UK working hours of 10 AM - 6PM, Monday - Friday.

Is the internship open to people outside the UK?

Yes, it’s open to international applicants who will be able to work remotely. Overseas applicants will need to be able to commit to UK working hours. If you 

progress to the interview stage and live outside the EU, BZ will conduct a remote access test to ensure reasonable connectivity.

Is the internship only for artistic roles or are there roles for production?

The Blue Zoo internships are currently only available in artistic roles. There are 5 positions available in this round of internships - please refer to the BZ Careers website for further details.

Is the internship available/suitable for people who come from non-animation/film degrees who want to switch career paths?

Absolutely! If you have a portfolio or showreel which can demonstrate your skills, this internship is open to those looking to develop in a professional environment.

Are there any 2D opportunities?

All roles in this round of internships will be working in a 3D pipeline.

Can I get feedback on my application?

Due to our huge volume of applications we receive for the internships, we will only be able to provide constructive feedback after the interview stage, should you be successful in making it this far in the recruitment process.

For professional feedback, consider signing up for ACCESS:VFX’s mentorship programme to work with someone in your field to level up your work.

If you have any further questions that aren’t answered above, feel free to get in touch at recruitment@blue-zoo.co.uk

Head over to careers.blue-zoo.co.uk to check out all the roles and get your application in.