What a lovely end to the year - Numberblocks wins a BAFTA!

Numberblocks wins a BAFTA!

Yesterday a bunch of Zooers attended the lavish Children’s BAFTA ceremony. We were very humbled to receive three BAFTA nominations this year including two of the four nominations for Best Pre-School Animation! Despite the tough competition, our one wonderful show, Numberblocks, won the BAFTA!

This award means a great deal to our company and the team who brought the show to life. Series two reached new heights with ambitious musical numbers and hilarious genre episodes. Hearing from you about how much your children (and you!) love the show drives the team to create the best possible animation that we can. Receiving such a prestigious British award for our lovely show is a brilliant honour.

The triumphant Numberblocks team!

“This is incredible recognition. Everybody involved with Numberblocks not only created a highly educational show but a great show in its own right. We always love hearing how Numberblocks has inspired children to find an interest in maths. I think the combination of strong storytelling and well-considered teaching has really come together into something everybody should be very proud of.” - Simon Taylor, Director of Numberblocks

“Blue Zoo exists to make content that entertains and educates. Numberblocks is an extraordinary example of this. Loved by parents, educators and children in equal measures, we are thrilled that the incredible crew and creator, Joe Elliot, have been rightly recognised for this amazing show.
BAFTA recognition helps us to shout even louder about this very special show.” - Oli Hyatt, Co-founder of Blue Zoo

You can watch series two of Numberblocks on BBC iPlayer. Thank you to everyone who watched and enjoyed Numberblocks this year. Whenever you send us your kid’s stories, drawings and photos, it always puts a smile on our faces. Please keep them coming on the Blue Zoo Twitter and Facebook!