What does it take to become a series director? And what goes into directing a show like the award-winning Magic Light Productions show, Pip and Posy?

We asked Seán McCormack, director of the second series of Pip and Posy, exactly that!

Seán McCormack, Director of Pip and Posy Series 2

Pip and Posy has captured the hearts of children and parents alike with its charming characters, colourful animation, and engaging storylines. 

Behind the scenes, talented artists and director, Seán, bring these elements together to create a magical world that celebrates the joy of friendship and play.

In this post, we will dive into the career of Seán, exploring his background, inspiration, and creative process. So, get ready to learn more about the director behind the family favourite show.

Seán was born in Ireland and raised in Luxembourg, where he developed a passion for art; especially comics and animation. He first embarked at an arts high school and eventually graduated with honours in Animation Production at the Arts University at Bournemouth.

After University, he moved back to Luxembourg eagerly awaiting the next part of his exciting journey. Where he started to work as a 2D animator, eventually transitioning to 3D animation and then to Head of Animation. He also jumped into storyboarding and writing. All of this experience led him to direct teasers and successfully pitch short film ideas. One of which was the award winning short: “The Light Eater” (2015). “Ooops! Noah is Gone…”, (2015) was his 1st feature length film co-directed with Toby Genkel.  After which he co-wrote and co-directed “Luis and the Aliens” (2018). Eventually reuniting with Toby Genkel to create a sequel: “Ooops! 2” (2020). 

Moving to London where he branched out into the corporate sector as Animation Director at a creative agency. But finally missing his roots and the creativity afforded by family entertainment he moved back to working with animation studios, engaging with multiple companies such as Warner Brothers and Lighthouse before finally joining Blue Zoo as the Series Director of series 2 of Pip and Posy. 

What makes the show special to you?

“Of course, I love the stories, what our heroes get up to and just how beautiful the look of the show is but mostly it's the characters, their appeal and general lovability. 

It's truly a show about friendship and learning how to accept everyone for who they are.

On their good days and bad, quirks, and oddities and all.”

What’s the best advice you have for someone who would like to be a director?

“Keep your eye on the prize. Think about the big picture. Make sure that you know what the story is that you are trying to tell and find the best way to tell it.

Know who your characters are and don't be afraid to put them in very odd situations. That's usually where the best things happen. 

Most important is to communicate with your team! Animation is such a team effort, if you don't lean on your team you'll really struggle to get a great result and have a good time doing it.”

You can meet Seán at FMX in Stuttgart, Germany on 25 - 26 April 2023 where our Talent team will attend the recruitment marketplace. Come say hello and we look forward to meeting you!