This time on our 'Job Spotlight' series we want to introduce our brilliant new art director, Grant Berry

Tell us about your artistic background.

I was lucky enough to have someone see my love for drawing at a young age and invest time in me. I owe a lot to my first Creative Director, Stewart Starkin, who helped me to understand brand experiences and think differently.
Whilst working on brand experiences, I was asked if I would be interested in making music videos. Not having touched motion design, this pushed me resulting in lack of sleep, which was good training for now with a 6-month-old. However doing these music videos opened up new doors, where I found myself at Sky Creative working on some fantastic briefs.
After 2555 days and 2555 nights I moved on to The Mill which again allowed me to work on great jobs and have the experience of working in LA.

Tell us some work highlights.

Highlights have to be working on a McLaren brand experience, Idents and promos for Sky Creative such as Harry Potter, The Sky Movies Disney Idents. Working in LA, directing the teaser for the Americans season 5 was a great experience.

What made you want to work for Blue Zoo?

Fun, quirky adverts from my childhood such as Milkyways "The red car and the blue car had a race", Trio, Chewits featuring Godzilla inspired me and seeing Blue Zoo's work brought this back for me. I want to create work that is quirky and has stood out leaving a longing impression like those adverts did for me.

"I want to create work that is quirky and has stood out leaving a longing impression"

What are you excited to bring to the table at Blue Zoo?

Coming from a slightly different background will be interesting to see what I can bring. Surrounding yourself with great people and collaborating is key for me and so I look forward to working with the talented artists at Blue Zoo.

Who are some of your artistic influences?

Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl have influenced me from a young age with their imaginative storytelling and illustration. I am also a fan of Tim Burton's early works such as Beetlejuice and the Nightmare before Christmas etc....

"Surrounding yourself with great people and collaborating is key for me"

Thank you Grant for contributing to our Job Spotlight series! For a full list of all the current vacancies in our studio please visit the job site here.