Parents and child carers, you’ve got this! Since the new lockdown, many have found themselves in the role of teacher while staying inside as much as possible. In this blog post, we’ve collated a list of accessible resources from Blue Zoo and educational foundations like Access:VFX & Sceenskills. 

As a studio, our priority has always been to choose projects which will have a positive impact on society. Last week, when Cbeebies shared resources for homeschooling, we couldn’t be prouder that almost half the educational shows on the curriculum came from our studio. 

Check out this list of online learning resources for both younger and older children, which we hope will come in handy when planning your own curriculum.

Resources for Primary

TV Episodes to Stream Online

You can stream these educational BZ shows on BBC iPlayer (watch Numberblocks / Alphablocks on Netflix outside the UK):

Apps to Help Learning

Developed in-house to support learning and help make numbers and phonics fun, we have several apps that are ad-free so your child may play uninterrupted! You can find both Numberblocks Apps and Alphablocks Apps on the Learningblocks website.

Learning Blocks Website

Visit the Learningblocks website to find loads of activities by ability level

YouTube Channel

Check out the Numberblocks YouTube Channel to find tons of free and fun content to enjoy (which recently reached 1.5 million subscribers!)

Free Activity Sheets on Twinkl

During lockdown the Numberblocks activities on Twinkl will be free! Download tons of colour and activity sheets and more to print off and enjoy with your kids.

Learning Sets

You can buy Learning Resources Mathlink Cubes on Amazon. Check out 5 Minute Fun for block learning sets, activity cards and magazines chock full of fun!

Screenskills Careers Resources

Online screen careers site, ScreenSkills, has downloadable resources about opportunities in the film, TV, animation, games or VFX industries. These guides, lesson plans and maps can help guide students how to begin their career in these industries.

Resources for Secondary

Access:VFX YouTube Channel

For your teenager who is interested in a career in film or TV, the Access:VFX YouTube Channel is bursting with useful content. Visit for careers webinars with industry professionals, podcasts offering career advice, lectures covering a bunch of different disciplines with professional artists and more!

Videos from last year’s Summer of Animation are still available to watch anytime. Some of the videos include...

Hopefully this collection of online resources and videos are helpful to you. To keep up with our educational shows and content, make sure you’re following Blue Zoo on Facebook. Power to parents and carers at this hard time, we hope 2021 has some better and easier times in store for you.