The UK government have announced the selection of nine leading industry experts to provide independent advice and expertise to the Government as part the BBC funding review. 

We’re so proud to share that one of these experts is our own Oli Hyatt MBE, co-founder of Blue Zoo!

Following careful consideration of the expert panel's input and the evidence presented, the government will decide the BBC's funding structure during the upcoming Charter Review.

This isn’t the first time Oli has worked towards positive change within the UK animation industry. In 2012, Animation Tax Relief was introduced thanks to the successful campaign led by Animation UK. Oli was awarded an MBE in British honours for his work in driving this campaign.

As a B Corp-certified studio, our ultimate goal is to have a worthwhile impact on the animation industry and, on a wider scale, the world! We see this moment as a huge opportunity for us to realise that goal.

Here’s what Oli has to say: "I am honoured to have been chosen to advise on the BBC’s future funding as a member of this expert panel. The BBC not only represents a cornerstone of British culture and values but also plays a critical role in the global media landscape. As someone who has navigated the rapidly evolving commercial realities of being an independent producer working within the dynamics of a global marketplace, I appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

My work has given me a profound appreciation for the role of children's content in public service media, especially at the BBC, highlighting its vital importance in shaping young minds and reflecting diverse perspectives. Being part of this initiative is immensely important to me, both professionally and personally. It offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the shaping of a sustainable future for an institution that has been a beacon of quality broadcasting for decades.

This review is about ensuring that the BBC can continue to be funded to innovate, entertain, and inform for generations to come amidst rapidly changing technological and consumer landscapes. It's about finding a balance that respects the heritage and public mission of the BBC while embracing the potential for evolution and growth. I'm excited to contribute my experience and insights towards crafting recommendations that will help secure the long-term viability of one of the world's most revered public service broadcasters."

Congratulations to Oli! Wishing you the best of luck in your role and it’s hugely exciting to see where this new development will go next.

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