It’s official - we're one of the best studios you could work for! Our ethos has always been to put employees first and build a studio culture based around a positive, welcoming environment. So we're proud to announce that we're one of the winners of the 2019 Best Places to Work in TV survey by Broadcast and Best Companies Group.

The annual survey run by Broadcast and managed by BCG (an independent research firm) determines which participants are the best employers by scoring a 2-part survey that is sent to all employees. It’s designed to identify, recognise and honour the best places of employment in TV, benefiting the TV field, its workforce and businesses.

The survey covers things like company policies, practices and benefits but also asks more detailed questions about the employee’s experience and satisfaction at work. We’re happy to report that we scored high marks across the board, and across engagement, specifically ‘Overall, I am very satisfied with my employer’, we scored 100%!

“We firmly believe that great animation is made by happy animators with a healthy work/life balance, so for the last few years we’ve been striving to make Blue Zoo the best animation studio to work at, and this shows we’re well on our way!”
Tom Box, Co-founder

Ready for expansion

We’re honoured and incredibly thrilled to have received this accolade, and the timing couldn’t be better as we head into a new era of expansion and are about to open the doors to our new, dedicated 2D animation studio. We’re on the next part of the Blue Zoo journey and are moving forward as a team that’s stronger, talented and more unified than ever before.

To find out more about the survey and see the full results visit the Broadcast website.

Join us!

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Here are some of the lovely comments from the zooers.

“Blue Zoo's employees are at the centre of this company and you can quite clearly tell management appreciates this and strives towards nurturing talent and trying their utmost to retain employees after contracts come to an end. This is not a common trait within this industry.”

“They genuinely care about their employees, are committed to giving opportunities where anyone can contribute ideas, are very fair and open about their future plans. They go above and beyond in the effort and work they do, and how they treat people.”

“It has a friendly work environment with a healthy balance of good work ethics and a fun side. The work we do is enjoyable and creative. It provides opportunity for people to develop skills and progress in their career. Everyone is respected and heard when working on projects. There is a good sense of teamwork with various projects across the studio.”