Blue Zoo love working with the Playmobil team on such a  broad and exciting range of projects, and we were especially excited when something as fun, silly and nostalgic as Magnum PI came up. 

Based on the original intro sequence with a fun twist, the video features scenes directly from the show and is full of racing, fighting and breaking the fourth wall - classic Magnum P.I.


When we were approached to pitch for this, we knew that we had to do something that drew upon all of the iconic scenes from the show and the title sequence in a way that we could recreate in 3D. 

The end result is full of fun nods to the original series in the Playmobil style, including the KGB trained parrot! 

We also had to consider Magnum’s iconic Ferrari 308 GTS, which was a real star of the original show. 

The 60’ film had a whopping 43 shots in there, so the pipeline was managed by cleverly designing four key sets to work for all the shots, therefore minimising the amount of asset creation and set dress that we would need to do.

Creative Director, Damian Hook, said: "When we saw this brief, we knew from the first minute that the project was going to be a lot of fun. The characterful and playful nature of the original IP leans into the studio’s strengths and we had a blast working on it!"


Joe Kinch

Grant Berry

Yoli Clerke

Sophie Jameson
Hugo Bussiere

Joshua Palfrey

Leo Blackmur

Alizee Garnier
Matt Whitehead

Lighting & Compositing
Yolande Clerke
Nuno Conceicao

Shannon Reeve

CG Supervisor
Arthur Tibbett

Executive Producer
Damian Hook

Head of Production
Eve Hebditch

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