This is the second character announcement trailer we created this year with Space Ape Games. 

Taking a slightly different tone, we were asked to introduce the hero away from the battlegrounds, demonstrating her uniqueness and cleverness when it came to combat.

We had a ton of fun coming up with gags with the Space Ape creative team and creating a spectacular laser show in a huge auditorium where the pineapple iconography took center stage!


Space Ape

Art Director

Lee Sullivan

Blue Zoo


Dane Winn

Art Direction & Design
Grant Berry

Character Assets
Space Ape

Casssandra Haulot

Leo Blackmur
Vasil Shotarov

Look Development
Casssandra Haulot
Hugo Bussiere

Sam Potter
Marta Arisa
Dane Winn

Josh Palfrey

Lighting & Compositing
Francesca Pesce
Kosta Davkovski

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Head of Short Form & Advertising
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