Guess who’s back and better? Miffy and her friends! And, of course, you can be reassured that their adventures are bigger, better and more heartwarming than ever!

The first 3D animated TV series of Miffy sees our young rabbit friend having seasonal adventures at Christmas and spooky fun at Halloween. Whether it’s the traumatic  event of losing your first tooth, the excitement of sailing to a pirate island or simply splashing about in the pool- you’re never too small to have an adventure!!

We were entrusted by Dick Bruna’s family estate to launch the animated series of his children’s classic ‘Miffy’ to celebrate her 60th birthday. To make sure we did her justice, we pitched a new way to bring stories to a new audience whilst staying true to the core values and aesthetics that have made this cute little bunny a favourite and household name worldwide. 

This series showcases a tactile style often used in stop motion. We gave Miffy and her friends a voice for the first time in 60 years, and told stories with the same heart but from her perspective, experiencing things for the first time.

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